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Project Manager & Product Builder

Welcome, My name is David Schiller, and I am a project manager and commercial video director.

I have worked for Cradle Media, Women's Health Practice, About Face Media, Wolfram Research, CollegeHumor, UIUC Public Affairs, and have won three Gold Telly Awards.

In 2017 I founded Collider Cowork.

Since most of my professional work is in healthcare and is not able to be shown publicly, I made this site to share my ongoing personal projects and collaborations.

Contact for questions/collaboration/opportunity/fun facts.

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Fulcrum KeyboardFulcrum

  • The Fulcrum is a wireless ergonomic keyboard that features a thumb-control innovation to make typing both faster and easier.

  • There are currently two versions of the Fulcrum available: the 40-key version pictured here, and the ultra-ergonomic 20-key version.

  • The joysticks on the Fulcrum are mounted sideways, allowing you to use your thumbs in a way that is more comfortable & intuitve.

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